About Products

Please check the size of the jewelry

Dear Customer,

Many of the images shown on the website are
magnified to get the clear picture. 

When you buy the jewelry, you will not get
the same size as the image.

Please check the size mentioned in terms
of length and width (millimeters) before
you place the order.


Please check the Color of the Gemstones

We try to display the color of the gemstones as very close
to the original jewelry or gemstones for your decision, but the display settings of different computers or other monitors have slightly differed from one to another and please do not be surprised if it not meet your expectation.

  Our production mark on the images 

jAj (jasmine Aladdin jewelry)

Our own productions line of the jewelry are
marked down as jAj (jasmine Aladdin  jewelry)
on the images and it means we can produce in quantity within a short time and can make alternation according to your requirements, even changing base material from silver to 10K,14K,18K gold jewelry.

 The images not having jAj marker mean, those types of jewelry are bought from other manufacturer or dealer for resale.

Wish you happy shopping!


Jasmine & Aladdin